To keep or not to keep?

I have this boy listed for sale… He doesn’t have great structure… I love his coloring, temperment and he has sired fantastic pet quality babies…
I had someone say he could be a Cappuccino? I dont think so, but am still learning… He doesnt have that distinct “V” at the base of his tail…

To my knowledge he’s a Lavender Harliquin…

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I do not believe he is not a cappuccino. As you said he doesn’t have the v, but he also hasn’t got the dark to light tail.

Could be a lavender pin dash dalmation with portholes, do you have fired pics of him? I can’t see any lighter colourings on his legs and feet so does’t look like a harlequin, but fired up pics will help determine his traits

I can try to get him to fire up tonight… He gets really dark…
This is one of his babies we had

Meant to say I don’t believe his a cappuccino :person_facepalming: sorry.

If he gets really dark then he is not a lavender either. But can confirm when you send a fired up pic

Don’t think cap,
And I will say they don’t always have the V. And I’ve seen with lighter tails.

Don’t think he’s a lav, looks slightly reddish.

If breeding though, I myself wouldn’t breed him due to the morph and structure. Though he’d be a pretty pet! :black_heart:

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