To pip or not to pip what do you think?

We have a clutch of eggs in the incubator that are due to hatch June 29th. We were thinking of having a pipping zoom party but I wanted to know what do you guys think of pipping? Yay? Nay? Don’t care?

Everyone’s different. I check my eggs in the mornings daily once they’re past day 50. After the first one pips, I wait 24 hours til the next morning and I cut a ~1 inch slit into the top of each egg in that clutch and widen any of the natural holes as well. Then I just put the eggs back directly on my perlite mix and back into the incubator.

Then I check them daily to take out any that leave the egg and put them into the rack.


You really want to minimize exposure to bacteria so my advice when it comes to cutting is this.

Wait till the first one pops on it’s on

Or cut on a certain date if you know that your clutches based on your incubation method always pip at the same time.

Personally I wait until the first one pips and give the rest another 24 hours and if they have not pipped by than I cut the rest, or if nothing has pipped by day 60 I cut everything since mine usually pip on their own like clockwork at day 60 each year.


I never cut eggs unless I absolutely have to. I used to cut every clutch but over time I realized nature finds a way.