Toad raising/quarantine help

By now, I think it is pretty obvious how much I love toads. I plan on having a large breeding project for them but as of now, I only have a 1.1 pair.

However, I am going to be needing a lot more to start the project. the plan is to start with toad eggs or tadpoles by digging holes and placing very shallow but large tubs in them to simulate the temporary pools that they breed in. I will probably have 5 or so of these so there is at least some genetic diversity within the future breeding group.I will then collect the eggs/tadpoles and raise them up in my basement 2 floors below all my other animals. This is so they can’t pick up anything that will be bad for the wild toads. It will not only protect my animals, but the wild toads and environment in general. The tadpoles will be raised separately in the groups that they were collected in to try and prevent any potential disease spread and mitigate the effects if there is one. Once they morph out into toadlets, I will find the nicest looking ones (most vibrant colors, interesting patterns, etc.) and keep around 100-200 of them then release the rest to compensate for the ones I kept to keep the chances of the reaching adulthood as close to normal as possible. they will then be separated into 3 groups- best of the best (hold backs and possible hold backs), high quality for sale, and the more standard ones for sale. The plan will be to get a Reptile Basics VE-6 rack with 2 23qt for the potential holdbacks, 4 11qt for high quality non holdbacks, and 6 8qt for the standard ones. The reason for those that is organisation and efficiency. that would allow for 2 breeding groups when they are full grown along with help to prevent a mixup with groups. I would then begin selling them off after they are morphed out for a month or so.

So here is the issue, I don’t know what to do for quarantine. Once they are separated into the groups and I begin to sell them off, when can I move them upstairs into my room? Assuming they morph out on the low end of the scale at 1 month and I raise them up for a month, would that be enough? Any other issues that you see in my plans?

Here is your reward for reading!
Spotify my female-
Pandora my male (long story on that name)-
And both of them together-


I had no idea your toad project was going to be TOAD CITY! I’m excited to watch the toad army unfold! I’ll for sure need to get a toad from you some day


Out of those only around 10 of those are going to be held back :smiling_face_with_tear:

But since I plan on doing it yearly or biyearly it will still add up quick. And once they start breeding I am going to have an even harder time selling them. If all goes well, I should have my first batch from Pandora and Spotify this year though :crossed_fingers:


I have no way to help you but I do love toads and this post made my day a bit better :two_hearts:


They have so much personality. I still don’t understand how they aren’t popular. Like a Pac-Man frog just sits around all day but then you have toads who will come up to the glass asking for some food and just be totally weirdos. I haven’t gotten any pictures of them recently as they are in “brumation” (aka my 60 degree basement were they don’t get fed for a few months) but here are a couple more


Me and my brother used to go toad searching a lot in the spring/summer, it was always a lot of fun so toads are very important to me.

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