Toes Update + Pics

Hey! Havent been on here in a while. Life!! Anyways, we saw Toes before when he was a baby and had some shed stuck. Heres the big boy now! Still missing some claws on his front feet, but hes in a 20gal long converted to tall now and he does great. Eating super well. Hes not a huge water drinker so I kinda have to spray some near him. He does have a clean water bowl offered though. Old pics are from February of this year.


He is also definitely a boy… or has some really convincing false hemipenes.


those pics are from February!? How much does he weigh? he must have some killer growth genetics. my dude who I have had for over a year has gained a whopping 4 grams in the time I have had him (he is now 31 grams).

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So fun fact I havent weighed him since he was a little baby. Ill weigh him after work. Good to mention I do have small hands.

He was very upset I did this lol


He’s probably thinking your about to blend him up lol

Nice growth, he looks so healthy :+1: