Too many subcategories for turtles?

For those of you who are sell or buy turtles and tortoises, what do you think about the subcategory structure setup on MorphMarket?

Turtles in particular have a large number of subcategories, much larger than the other areas of our site. In other areas the subcategories may not correspond directly to a species but a group. Here though they are pretty particular and I have gotten some feedback that it might be better if it were simpler, say 10 subcategories - Map turtles, Mud turtles, Sliders, Softshell, etc.

If you think simpler would be better, can you propose what those subcats would be?

Here’s what’s currently available and there are at least as many subcategories currently empty:

Tortoises isn’t as bad, and I think this is probably okay:

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I think that the turtles should be categorized by size or if they are similar. For example, maybe red and yellow sliders could be in the same category as well as all the painted turtles. Just a thought but I think that would be a good way of doing it.

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