Top breeders of True red tails?

I’ve been working with morphs for a few years, and it’s fun…
But, I’m kind of thinking of switching in to the true red tail species.

So, I was wondering who are some of the best to work with out there?

Just like with BP and other species we try not to promote a seller over another because it would be unfair and best or top depends on whom you ask and it can be very subjective. What I would recommend is that you do research on MM and then research the seller of the animals you are interested in.


I get not promoting breeders over one another, but is it ok to ask which one’s provide lineage of locality specific boas? It can be hard finding breeders if they have no current listings and it’d be nice to be able to contact them and find out when they will.

That’s something you need to ask the breeder you contact otherwise we are falling back into promoting a breeder for a species that is fairly common.