Tornado or retained sperm?

Clutch No69

Male :tornado:Tornado​:tornado: x Female Enchi Fire Special :heart_eyes::tada::star_struck::heart_eyes::tada::star_struck:
Or at least we hope it’s the Tornado that’s got her as we got her from a very good friend kinda ready to breed to the Tornado but when scanned her to see if was ready to pair she was already at 2.5cm which isn’t unknown but could also mean she’s retained sperm and was gravid anyway :scream:
Well hopefully time will tell as Het Tornado’s usually have strong markers :pray::crossed_fingers::thinking::crossed_fingers::pray::crossed_fingers:


Hope het. tornadoes are in your future! What are the markers if you don’t mind sharing? That’s a perfect 1/2 & 1/2 egg, made me laugh! Hope that egg stays good for ya too! Great clutch!:+1:

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If you look back through our Facebook page as some are on video and can’t load videos on hear :disappointed: basically they have a look of Black Backs.
So if you look back on here or more on Facebook the hets pretty much all look the same :+1:
Pic of Original pair of triple hets:

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Thanks for the show and tell! They almost look a little like het. red axanthic to me, with the black back and some flames on a slightly distorted alien head sides! That’s pretty clear for
some het. markers. Update us when the clutch is out, really want to see em! Good luck with the odds!