Toronto Area Reptile Expo

I just noticed that this upcoming Sunday (Oct 17th) there seems to be a lil mini reptile expo in the Toronto Canada area and was wondering if anyone else here in the Community is from the area like I am and was thinking of going. I usually just window shop as most vendors just sell a lotta ball pythons which isnt a herp that I would want to own. So I just go look at random stuff usually.

I believe they normally do a whole weekend (last time I went it was a whole weekend in Sept). My guess why it seems just to be Sunday is because of Covid most likely.

I am not going lol. But make sure to take loads of pictures for us (me). I hope that you have a good time.


Grant has been putting on those smaller shows almost monthly I believe. I don’t pay close attention because I’m on the West Coast. The big one, the CRBE was last month. The vendor list looks decent and like there should be a good variety of animals.

Like Riley said, make sure to take photo’s!


Well I’m not sure if I’m going yet. Last time I went I got to meet Dav Kaufman. Offered to buy him pizza lol. Saw this cute pig last time too and a bunch of adorable dogs/birds in addition to the herps amphibs and inverts.

Only thing that bugged me was it kinda lacked herp variety…wayyy too many ball pythons (even corns were a minority). But I got to pet this charming snake (can’t remember if it was a corn or some other colubrid). It kinda acted like a dog it was so friendly. I didn’t know a snake could be that “social”…it looked like it was enjoying the expo and all the attention it was getting.


Well you have to figure that ball pythons are one of the widest keep pet snakes, so of course there is an abundance of them.

I know but theres so many its hard to even find other widely kept species like Corns or hognose…its just vendor after vendor of ball pythons. I just wish other widely kept species (and others in general) were better represented in addition to ball pythons.

Because I wanna actaully get something at the expo one day and not just window shop. But nobody vending seems to have anything I’d ever purchase with all the balls offered. It’d be a bit of a challenge to find even something like a morph of Corn I’d wanna get.

I guess I won’t know the pleasure of getting something at an expo until the day I can attend Tinley. (Or until they lift the block on owning T’s and scorps here in Toronto) For now I can only ever look at things.

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I’ve been vending with Port Credit Pets, you can usually find me in the dry goods section. I can’t attend for the foreseeable future though due to COVID restrictions. Feel free to say hi to my SO, Erica whose working the invertebrate section of Port Credit Pets. I believe the larger “Pet Expo” which includes dogs cats and birds is a two day expo, which I’m pretty sure will take place this November.

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Oh ok well I’ll say hi to your SO if I attend this sunday and if not I might try if the November one you mentioned takes place. I might have to wait anyway as I just had to blow $ on a meh webcam so I can try speed dating…so I may have to miss this sunday.

I hope to make it in November though if their holding one then.