Tortoise identification

What tortoise is this? (Not mine)

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I’m hoping they aren’t desert tortoises :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

@osbornereptiles or @westridge might be able to help with a ID here :crossed_fingers::blush:

Looks pretty typical of Desert tortoises to me. Big no no to have. You’re not even supposed to touch them. These laws never made any sense to me. If they would give permits to private sector keepers these animals would bounce back to sustainable numbers.


Definitely desert tortoises. If you are in California or Nevada, it is pretty easy to obtain permits for them.


They are my friends. They live in california, but I’m not sure if they have a permit. They bought them at a pet store without doing any research first. I’ll ask them more about it.

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Sorry I meant my friend’s tortoises not my friends lol


My close friend own’s a desert tortoise had him for her whole life without and permit and zero problems and she lives in California so if your friend lives in CA than it should be fine :slight_smile: