Trade option?

Is it possible to suggest adding a trade only option for those who are strictly wanting to trade vs selling? I got flagged for circumventing the price limit on an ad I have up because I put a small price when I only want to trade. :confused:



Simply list the animal at its market value and add in the title/description that you want to trade.

If you are a Basic member or higher you can use the “Consider Trade” feature on your Seller Account Settings also so others can filter by that to find you.


Oops. Meant to reply directly to you.

Mine is set to that, however, I cannot list him at his market value without having a subscription. His value is well over $3k. My issue is mostly having to list his true value while paying for a subscription when I have no intention of selling him for money only. This is why I wish I could do a trade-only option without needing to list a price


You can leave it in the description of the animal, however a MorphMarket subscription would benefit you with being able to value your animal correctly, and have potential sellers see you as a reputable seller by having a membership.

As reputable I mean I’ve come across ads for an animal WAY below market value, and I’ve clicked on it. I see in the description that the “snake is really worth this amount, but I can’t list because …” and after I see that I just close out of the ad all together. IMO if you have a high value animal to sell, you should be able to afford even a basic membership and go on a month to month basis. Just my two cents.


That makes sense as far as for a seller for sure. Especially reputation wise. While I did get a membership after seeing that the listing price cap is significantly higher than it used to be, I’m just wondering if there’s a way to list specifically for trades. Like in Pokémon (:joy:Great example, I know) you can list the one you’re wanting to trade and have it show the ones you’re wanting to trade for.

That could be part of the membership feature as well! Listing the price is a good way to show the value of the animal. I’m no seller, so I’m definitely losing money just to entertain a trade for the most part, but this site is great! So it’s not wasted on a terrible website at least.