Trades and trading

I noticed that some stores here consider trades. Does this specifically mean snake(s) for snake(s), or does anyone know if this could be anything of value?

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I’m sure it’s different for each seller, you just have to ask. I’d recommend checking their store page first to see if they have a trade list.


It just depends on the seller. One seller might consider a trade for a gecko for a snake, one might consider multiple snakes for a snake, one might consider only certain morphs and/or species, and another might consider all of them. Some stores will have a list of things they will trade for or are working with and you could see if you have anything to trade. You could also contact the store and ask what animals/morphs they would consider trades with.


Also @saleengrinch has got hold of some beautiful animals in trades for his feeders.


Yes the rat game has been kind to me through the years lol.