Trait Proving Rules! Crested Geckos! 🦎

This is something everyone with Cresties should follow if they think they’ve found a new trait.

Wrote out by the Wonderful @lmr_lmreptiles.

Rules for trait proving:

  1. Does it produce a phenotype spread when bred to an animal that doesn’t exhibit the trait? And what is that spread and ratio?

  2. Have the Het and Hzg differences been identified.

  3. Have at least 3 generations been bred to test the Het to Hzg differences.

  4. Has sufficient outcrossing been done?

  5. Have any unique muti-trait (combos) forms been identified?

  6. Is there a description to identify the morph based on unique characteristics produced by each form?

  7. Have any 3rd parties collaborated to substantiate the results?

  8. How many generations have 3rd party results been tested?

  9. Are the results from the 3rd part consistent with original findings?

(Valkyrie and Hinami are so I can put this in featured) :grin:


So what trait are these beautiful cuties? They look like orange creamsicle popsicles!


I believe they are from Naruto, if so I think, red base. But he looks orange when part fired so makes sense the babies inherit this also.

@ghoulishcresties do I see drippy and snowflake on the second cutie :star_struck:

This is definitely a great post :+1:
I don’t plan to start anything new but I’m sure many people out there are wondering how to go about it.


First is a red phantom lillywhite Dalmation, she has red, orange and black spots. so may even be confetti! Fox is right, dad does go orange at times, but fully fired he’s red! Mum also is a red hypo tricolour :blush:

And the other is a red tricolour lillywhite!

@foxreptile shes just started getting what seems to be snowflaking! So I’m hoping that spreads :heart_eyes:


I hope it does, she so pretty :heart_eyes: definitely want progression pics of her :grin:


Your cresties make me SO excited to start my own collection one day!

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Can’t wait to see yours when you do breed :heart_eyes:

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I’m so darn excited, its one of the things helping me get through these last few semesters as university!

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