Transporting Collection

Hey guys,

I am planning a move in a few months and want to start getting things in order now. I’ll be driving about 6 hours and will be transporting my entire collection with me. At the moment this consists of 13 ball pythons all under 500 grams. I might acquire some larger females in the near future but that isn’t in the picture, yet. Does anyone have any advice as far as transporting my snakes goes? I figure it would be a similar procedure to how a breeder packs up his/her snakes for a show. I was thinking of using a large styrofoam box, like a 30lx18wx12h and placing all of my snakes in there in separate “pillow case” bags. Would this be fine as long as the snakes are not laying on top of one another? Again they will each be in their own separate bag. Or should I think of getting each snake a small container to then place into the styrofoam box? My car temp will also be around 68-72 but I have no problem taping a heat pack to the inner lid of the styrofoam box if need be. I appreciate any and all input


Having them all in bags and in an insulated box will work. What I’ve done when transporting animals any long distance and the weather is cooler, I use an inverter, thermostat and a strip of heat tape to help keep them warm. It is overkill as the vehicles temp is more than enough for them though.