Transporting Snake Eggs

So, my boyfriend and I decided to buy a house to move into. It’d work perfectly for our needs, especially with the snakes. The closing deadline for the house is June 19th, so it’ll be a bit before this becomes an issue.

The house is about a 30 minute drive away, so not terribly far.

What would be the best way to transport them safely?
My plan was to put the two water jugs that are in the incubator and the egg tubs themselves into an insulated container, such as the drink cooler we have.

If anything I could leave them where they are, as my mom will be taking over the apartment. However, I don’t 100% trust her and if I get any additional clutches it would be a pain to travel just to get them set up in the incubator.
That and she should be getting my little brother back from state care, and… I don’t trust that he won’t try and get into them either :sweat_smile:

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I was in the same situation a few years back I simply buried the eggs deep in the substrate so they would not move or roll over and placed the clutches I had in a cooler, with some heat packs.

Now for a longer trip you would do the same except you would use a power inverter to provide heat in the incubator.

Obvious I already had an incubator setup where I moved so all I had to do was put the eggs in soon as I arrived.


Okay, good to know! So what I had in mind should work okay to keep them warm while they’re transported.
I’ll keep those other tips in mind as well. Thanks!

It should work just fine, make sure your cooler is secured and moves as little as possible and you will be fine.

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I’ll probably end up packing it on my lap, honestly :joy:

Brian from BHB actually shipped bp eggs and had them hatch after shipping. Was an experiment. Depending how long they have been incubating you might not need to do very much at all for a 30 min drive. Moved 3 hours with 32 clutches of eggs that were 15 days or less from hatching. All of them hatched without issue.


Yeah, by that time both clutches should be around or past their halfway mark in incubation time, so I’m fairly confident they’ll do just fine.

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