Treats For my Gecko

What’s the some things I can feed my gecko as a treat like a wax worm thanks!

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As occasional treats it’s ok, what need to be kept in mind is that they have poor nutritional value, high in fat and can be addictive.


Thanks anything other than wax worms that they enjoy a lot as treats like butter worms silk worms ?

They can have a horn worm occasionally.


Silkworms can actually be a staple food, they’re one of the most nutritious feeders. Black soldier fly larvae contain a lot of calcium, I’d have to check what else they have nutritionally but I do include them alongside dubia roaches as main food items. Worms that make good treats would be: Waxworms, superworms, mealworms, hornworms, butterworms


Thanks Dubia’s are a no for me cockroaches creep me out

Try and work on your phobia of roaches. They are very good for your gecko, like almost needed. I would personally not give any of those treats without feeding dubia roaches with because your gecko may have running stools. Certain types of bugs/insects need to be fed along with others if you want your gecko to flourish and be healthy. I do NOT like bugs, but if my geckos health depends on it - I will gladly get some tongs out and feed some dubias to my babies. You gotta realize its not just about you, your geckos health is more important than a fear of bugs. Which I KNOW can take some time to get over. My mom who is 44 years old, HATES ROACHES OF ALL KINDS but has built a bond with one of my Leo’s and loves to feed him. She has overcome her fear of them and easily feeds him the roaches with tongs!


the main challenge is my mom and my parents went from not liking my gecko to thinking it’s really cute so I think I might have a chance