Tree Boa traits - Category upgrade! [DONE] [1569]

If it’s for sales, I would remove cropani and blombergi. Both do not and will not exist in the hobby. I would also remove cookii, as you will get people posting them for sale, but only one person in the US has them, and they do not sell them. I would add Corallus batesii (Amazon basin emerald). Regarding morphs, I would remove pastel as that is questionable at best.


Thank you again Warren!

These will be used across MorphMarket, from sales → Morphpedia articles, but we can remove the tags from the sale side and keep the articles up for information…

… hopefully from this person for the cooks page :wink: :wink:

Is there anything we are missing?

For caninus you could add tags of patternless and anaconda.
For Central American you could add Costa Rican and Venezuelan.

More tags can be added in time as needed I would imagine.


How about a Candoia category?
C. carinata - Indonesian Tree Boa
C. bibroni australis - Solomon Island Tree Boa


Corallus batesii
Candoia bibroni australis
Candoia carinata

You may as well add green neonate as an option too since emeralds can and do come out green.

Anaconda phase

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I would split emeralds into the two species: C. caninus and C . batesii

Most of the caninus “types / lines” (they are not “morphs”) have been listed above.

For batesii, you could include the following “types / lines”: textbook, barbed wire, diamond, snowflake, black, and alien.

My understanding on the latest thinking in Amazon Tree Boa morphs is as follows:

Tiger - dom
Calico / Red (potentially different expressions of same gene) - rec
Leopard - rec

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More species to add:

Common names:
Madagascar/Malagasy/Madagascan Tree Boa
Genus: Sanzinia
Species: Sanzinia madagascariensis
Sub/Infraspecies: Sanzinia madagascariensis madagascariensis (eastern/green phase)
Sanzinia madagascariensis volontany (western/mandarin phase)

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Species to add :

Solomon Island Tree Boas (Candoia australis)
Dominican Red Mountain Boas (Chilabothrus striatus) which have calico, hypo forms
Jamaican Boas (Chilabothrus subflavus)
Haitian Vine Boa (Chilabothrus gracilis)
Bromeliad Boas (Ungaliophis continentalis and panamensis)

Please update species listing for Dominican Red Mountain Boas from Epicrates to Chilabothrus

Unrelated, but could you guys just make a Caribbean Boas category??


I agree with what I’m seeing in the comments. Also to echo Marcial - I think most ATB folks recognize Calico/Red as connected and as recessive. I would also suggest adding Bicolor and Tricolor under the “Phases” of Amazons.

From what I have gathered from various ATB keepers… it’s arguable that Halloween may be its own morph. Especially with Noah Ingrams Paradox Halloween animal that has “Garden phase” splotches on it. I am unsure if it’s been figured out how it’s inherited as of yet.


Thank you for all the amazing contributions guys!

Which pot do these fit into?
Recessive, incdom, linebred, phase…?

This can be done if there is a need for it :slight_smile:
@t_h_wyman @warren_booth what’s your thoughts on this?

We can add it as a line for now and upgrade it as more details come to light.

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I would change to:

  • Northern Emerald (C. caninus)
  • Amazon (C. hortulana)
  • Amazon Basin (C. batesii)

I don’t believe I have seen “Northern Amazon” in reference to Amazon Tree Boas before… may have just been a mix-up but thought it was worth a mention.

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Just noticed this… is AMZ for Amazon Basin? This should be for Northern Emeralds. They are the species that show these 2 variations. :slight_smile:

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Rather than have these in the ‘Tree Boa’ category, I am advocating for a completely segregated full category for all Candoia that would include vipers, and all the various tree and ground sp. and ssp.

These currently fall under the ‘Other’ category side of the Market which is largely grouped based on numbers to justify a full category

I do think a Madagascar/Malagasy/Madagascan category would be in order on the Market and on the Morphpedia side that would encompass all of Acrantophis and Sanzinia

I cannot speak for Warren but I do not know that there are enough of these moving around within the hobby to necessitate a full category for them on the Market so I would maintain them as ‘Other’ for now. Under the Morphpedia side of things I think it is absolutely justified

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Honestly I think I agree with this - people interested in candoia will probably be happier seeking out the full category on its own, myself included.


@t_h_wyman from this list can you please remove/add what fits into “Tree Boas”, and what doesn’t.

There is going to be crossovers here with Candoia Sub Category in Other Boas that we dont want.

@eaglereptiles That first link goes to someone’s ball breeding thread???

Assuming you were trying to redirect me to the top of this thread then…

Speaking only from my, self-acknowledged, limited boa knowledge, shooting from the hip

I would say the following would fall into “Tree Boa”

  • Emerald (C. caninus)
  • Northern Amazon (C. hortulana)
  • Amazon Basin (Corallus batesii)
  • Annulated (C. annulatus)
  • Grenadian (C. grenadensis)
  • Central American (C. ruschenbergerii)

(And looking at that list, maybe a more appropriate group name would be ‘Central/South American Tree Boa’)

Then I would have the ‘Madagascar Boa’ group that would cover both Acrantophis and both Sanzinia

And then the ‘Candoia’ group for C. aspera, bibroni, carinata, paulsoni, and superciliosa and the various subspecies therein

Lastly, Chilabothrus, Ungaliophis, and any other odds and ends genera/species would fall into the ‘Other’ group

That would be my breakdown as far as the Market is concerned.

For Morphpedia I would concur with @vcrutchfield’s recommendation for a ‘Caribbean Boa’ group that would hold the Chilabothrus

And while I have a very personal love of Ungaliophis (and a HUGE desire to work with them) I am not sure there is enough available on them to warrant a category exclusively to them, so I think they should go with the rest of the “misfits” in the ‘Other’ category

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Thank you everyone!

The list at the top has been updated to reflect everyone’s contributions.
Does anyone have any additional feedback?

It looks good to me.

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I might include Halloween phase, as it is a common yet distinct variation of garden phase amazon tree boa

I also would add patternless as a phase of ATB