Tree Frog Suggestion

I’m looking for a medium sized tree frog, preferably a less common one or a weird looking one that is pretty easy to care for. Any suggestions? Sorry I couldn’t be more specific, those three things are really all I’m looking for.


Any particular kind of set up you have in mind? Like size of enclosure, temp range, or which (if any) plants?

Preferably a humid, tropical setup, with lots of plants and enclosure size of 18 x 18 x 24 inches. I have no preference on heat range.

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I think amazon milk frogs or white’s tree frogs would be a good choice. They’re fairly common but they check off your other requirements. I have 3 white’s in a 18x18x24. They’re fantastic. Extremely easy to care for and their humidity/temp requirements are fairly lax. They always try and eat my fingers but I chalk that up to their charming personalities lol