Tree Frog traits - Category upgrade! [DONE] [1570]

In preparation to promote Tree Frogs to a top level category, we need to build a trait list for the genes and combos.

For each of these, we need to know what kind of gene it is (recessive/incdom/dom), line bred OR what combination of genes represent it.

Please add anything that is missing or correct me where I am wrong.

If you know anyone that work with Tree Frogs, send them a link to this thread and ask them to help out.

Name: Agalychnis callidryas

Red Eyed Tree Frog

Black Eye
XXL eyes/ Giant eyes
Albino rec

Name: Barbourula kalimantanensis

Bornean flat-headed frog

Name: Trachycephalus resinifictrix
Mission golden-eyed tree frog
Milk Frog


Name: Hyperolius

Reed Frog

Blue Back
Starry Night

Name: Theloderma corticale

Mossy Frog

Tolkien Bug Eyed

Name: Dendropsophus ebraccatus

Hourglass Tree Frog

Name: Litoria caerulea

White’s Tree Frog

Blue Phase
Snowflake dom
Blue Eyed
Super Snowflake

Name: Centrolenidae

Glass Frogs

Fleischmann’s Glass Frog

Reticulated Glass Tree Frog

Name: Theloderma asperum

Bird Poop Frogs

Dendropsophus marmoratus
Hyla marmorata

Name: Polypedates leucomystax

Golden Tree Frogs

Name: Dendropsophus sarayacuensis

Clown Tree Frog

Name: Sphaenorhynchus lacteus

Orinoco lime treefrog

Leaf frogs


Agalychnis annae - Blue-sided leaf frog

Agalychnis buckleyi - Warty leaf frog

Agalychnis dacnicolor - Mexican leaf frog

Agalychnis danieli - Antioquia leaf frog

Agalychnis hulli

Agalychnis lemur - Lemur leaf frog

Agalychnis medinae - Rancho Grande leaf frog

Agalychnis saltator - Misfit leaf frog

Agalychnis spurrelli - Gliding leaf frog

Agalychnis taylori

Agalychnis terranova



Cruziohyla calcarifer - splendid leaf frog

Cruziohyla craspedopus - fringe tree frog

Cruziohyla sylviae - Sylvia’s tree frog


Hylomantis aspera - rough leaf frogs

Hylomantis granulosa - Granular leaf frog


Phasmahyla cochranae - Chocolatefoot leaf frog

Phasmahyla exilis - Mottled leaf frog

Phasmahyla guttata - Spotted leaf frog

Phasmahyla jandaia - Sazima’s leaf frog


Phrynomedusa vanzolinii - Vanzolini’s leaf frog

Phrynomedusa marginata - Bicolored leaf frog

Phrynomedusa dryade

Phrynomedusa bokermanni - Bokermann’s leaf frog

Phrynomedusa appendiculata - Santa Catarina leaf frog

Phrynomedusa fimbriata - Spiny-knee leaf frog



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