Tricolour hoggie pairing!

This is all new to me as, as you all know, I’m a Crestie breeder! BUT Tricolours are my favourite snake and I’ve been patiently waiting until these were ready. So I thought I’d put Deadpool and Wednesday together on Sunday 28th. Over 2 years old now and big enough so why not see if anything happens?
So I put Deadpool in with Wednesday, he was going around the enclosure nine stop so could clearly smell her.
She must of realised there was a pretty boy about and came straight out! She even made a bee line for him like “Hello I’m here!” Within about 5 minutes a lock happened!

Only lasted a couple minutes so I chose to leave them together for the day/night.
Monday after work I decided to check in and take him out. Well they were locked so no chance of that! Yesterday evening I checked again and locked again!
Also this was her telling me to stay away from her man! Haha.

Today (Wednesday) both were either side of enclosure so I decided it’s time to take Deadpool out as clearly they’re done now! Now he wasn’t best pleased I dug him up and bolted to other side and started rattling at me, but he’s back in his home now!
Wednesday also wasn’t happen I went near her and started hissing and rattling.
Both aren’t usually like this so I assume it’s because they’ve been breeding and aren’t happy with me near. Understandable!
This is her today… Somehow. She’s a lot more thick!

Now the wait… Hopefully all goes well. Both first timers, along with my first time breeding snakes! Cannot wait. Going to start prepping for eggs as usually a month after they should lay! :black_heart::white_heart::heart:


Best of luck to you!! Please post updates if anything happens : )


Congratulations! Hope all goes smoothly and you get healthy happy babies.


Wednesday is currently full Zombie mode. (In blue). Hoping a nice prey lay shed :thinking: should be able to feel eggs soon I hope. Not disturbing her much as she can’t see properly right now.

She also took food last night fine, as always the piggy!

She also prefers the cooler end :smiling_face:

Hoping these are all good signs! :blush:

Not much written on these guys so I’ll add all she does here so we can see if there’s a pattern each time!


Fingers crossed for Tricolour romance! :crossed_fingers: