Triple banded fat tail (photos of striped fat tails as well)

Pretty cool little fat tail, from what I remember I haven’t hatched a triple band like this yet, it’s really something I probably never looked for but when this one hatched it caught my eye and the whole gecko is pretty dark too. Will be interesting to see if that third band sticks around into adulthood. I’d assume it’s just apart of a random occurrence with the stripe gene as I can compare to some other stripes online. I figured I’d still share cause it’s pretty coolio :grin:

(Also attached some other stripe stuff I hatched in the past for examples)

Other stripe stuff:


Those are all super cool. Dont know why we dont have a few already. My daughter has one.

This one is my favorite!


I just adore AFTs! I only have one, her name is BeBe. She was a runt so she’s quite small, but she’s a major diva! Eats like a (very small) pig, hates being taken out of her enclosure but super mellow once she’s out, and she loves to curl up in my hands and catch a few quick Zs. Here’s a pic I took of one of those times awhile back.