Triple Threat

This lovely lady is maturing nicely.

It still blows my mind - coming from being a pre-teen in the ‘90’s whose favorite website was the RDR breeding page where we could see some of the very first combos hatching in near-real time - what all we can produce today. As much as I love other species of snakes I will never tire of ball pythons.

Hypo Black Pastel YB holdback female from last year #blessed :innocent::joy:

What’s one (two, three, four) of your favorite 3-banger holdbacks?


Ha, yeah, I know what you mean! I still remember getting my issue of Reptiles magazine in the mail featuring NERD’s new “jungle pastel” line. :joy:

I haven’t really held anything back so far, but this season I’m hoping to hatch out a pastel and/or fire BEL to hold back.