Tristripe Combos

Thought I’d share pics of a few of our Tristripes including the Lavender Albino Tristripe joint project with John Kennedy.

Please add your pics of Tristripes and combos and let’s showcase this awesome Morph!


Nice stuff.

I do not have any visuals yet but I am rasing up a 1.1 het pair that will hopefully be good to go next season.Looking forward to working it into some of my other projects


This is the nicest we have produced so far :blush::blush:


Awesome! Great example :slight_smile:

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Love tristripe stuff. So much more to do with it.

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Love these. Would like a visual female or male and female het.

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Adore the tri stripe combos!!

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Its refreshing to see breeders who try to maximize the 3 stripes…I’ve seen breeders who think they have the nicest Tristripes, but they look more like genetic black-backed ball pythons


That’s what it’s all about from my perspective, cleanest pattern that extends as far down the body as possible. Also loving the quadstripe - I think a number of traits in Tristripe combos will encourage the extra stripe.


That Lavender Albino tri-stripe is AMAZING!

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Pastel Tristripe 66% het Desert Ghost


I’ve been keeping reptiles for over ten years but I still don’t understand what the 1.0 or 0.1 or 1.1 means

1.0= 1male
0.1= 1 female
1.1= 1 male , 1 female


Okay, what about 0.0.1? I’ve seen that one a few times by different breeders.

0.0.1 means that the sex of the animal is unknown.

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That’s what I thought. But this picture still confuses me. (And the main reason why I ask, why separate the clowns if you dont know any of them?)

Good point. Not sure may be a typo.