Trouble loading photos in ads

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About the bug

Having trouble loading pics into ads. So far in n my experience, only ads appear to be affected. Pics load as expected in community threads and in messages.

Summary of the issue:

This has been happening for at least a couple of weeks. I initially thought it was a short term connectivity issue but it’s happened from many locations and repeatedly with 5G. This is the case for new ads and for updating existing ads. I have managed to update a few random pics, often sandwiched between multiple attempts and failures; there no pattern I’ve noticed. I also tried using the “camera” rather than uploading an image from my files but got the same result. This has become quite a problem.

I’m using the mobile app, with a Samsung Galaxy A71 5G. I usual close the attempt after waiting for a while. The wait has been as long as 30 min, I believe. I have occasionally gotten a “0 code” error message

Expected results:

Updated pics in/for ads.

Actual results:

Pics don’t update. I usually get endless “loading.” The wait has been as long as roughly 30 minutes before I gave up. Occasionally the whole thing just sort of stops loading and reverts to whatever it was before my attempt, as if I’d never tried.

Links to pages the bug is affecting:

Any of my store ads. Here’s one I tried repeatedly this morning. One pic loaded, others wouldn’t.

When did you first notice it?:

At least a couple of weeks ago.

Steps to reproduce the problem?:

Try to upload a new image on ad in my store.

Is this happening on the website, app or both?:

I think it happened on the website, but I’m usually using the app.

If its happening on the app, please tell us what version number you have installed:

Version 1.1.2.

Additional notes:

This happens with both the “old version” and “new version” of ad format.

About your device

Device brand:


Device model:

Galaxy A71 5G

Browser name:

Duck duck go

Browser version:

Version 5.145.5


Please add as many screenshots as possible that could help explain what you are experiencing.

Here’s what usually happens, for extended periods of time.

I usually give up before it gets to the error message, but I’ve gotten this a few times when I’ve waited long enough.

Thanks in advance for your attention and assistance.


Hey @caryl

Can you test something for me please?

On the Animal Manager page, can you tap the animals images and try and upload that way?


Don’t go to the edit page, just tap the thumbnails.


I tried. It still just sat there loading. I gave up after 7 minutes.


Hey guys, I’m still having trouble with this. It’s become a major problem for me. Today I did manage to add a single photo to one NFS baby. I’ve tried many times today to post a new photo on a “For Sale” animal. Many times. Tried inside, outside, restarted my phone, cleared my app cache. Left the phone to sit and try uploading for an absurd length of time, several times. Is this just me at this point? What do I do? Help!!! Gonna holler for @eaglereptiles because that’s what I do for tech troubles. I’m sorry, Thomas, if that’s the wrong thing to do. Please pass me off to whomever if that’s where this needs to be. And thank you, as always.


I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app this afternoon. I’m sorry to say that this didn’t make any difference.

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Sorry @caryl I have been away in the Netherlands. Can you please screenshot the file details page of the images you are trying to upload.

The page that looks like this:

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No apologies needed. How exciting! I hope that you have been having a wonderful time.

I’ve discovered that I can add pics on the app with my phone IF I choose the “camera” rather than media option.

I am also able to add pics to ads if I use my laptop and the website. However, I still cannot add pics on the app using my phone. Here are three screenshots of pics I’ve tried in the past couple of days.

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Thank you Caryl!

I recommend you use images that are around 1500 pixels on the longer edge (e.g., 1500x1000). Using larger images will not provide any additional benefit and can cause your images to upload extremely slowly, and will cause your ads to load slowly for buyers also. Most people are looking at ads on a screen a couple of inches wide, so you do not need such large and pixel-heavy images.

Currently, you are taking them in 4249x2549, which is huge. You could likely blow those images up to full size posters without seeing any quality loss.

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To add to this, the majority of smartphones come out of the box with the highest specs applied to image quality. No one realistically needs images of such high quality unless they are printing out huge pictures. 99% of people’s images don’t leave their device/internet.

Reducing the quality will also save on your starage massively.

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Thank you, Thomas. I’ll give that a try.

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Arrrgh. Help me, @eaglereptiles, please. I’m sorry to sound like a pirate, Thomas. I’m still having trouble uploading pics to ads. I’ve tried multiple times with multiple pics. Left one trying to upload yesterday evening and forgot about it for a long while because something distracted me. Came back after a ridiculous time, but no joy. Here are a few which didn’t work. Thanks for your patience.

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The most important thing is getting your ads sorted right now, then we can work on the issue.

Can you message me the images and which ads you want them on and I will try from my end.


I’ll see if I can get those to you tomorrow, Thomas. I will try and send some tonight. I’m sorry, lots of family things going on or late. Thank you for the help!