Trouble shooting health issues after losing a young BP. Help appreciated

I’m hoping for some help in figuring this out. I got back into reptiles a couple of years ago and I’ve been raising up some BPs to breed. My daughter who is 7 wanted to get a snake so I said sure and happily found her the snake she wanted. I’ve been in touch with the people I got the BP from and we’re trying to figure it out. I thought I’d post here and see if anyone had seen this before or had suggestions.

I’ll post pictures of the snake below. We got it Dec 31st brought it home and put it in one of my small racks in a vision-11 tub on coco husk and with a small hide. Left it alone for a week checking on it once or so a day. Temps in the bottom of the tub were 89-90. I haven’t been able to find an issue with the rack or heating. Didn’t eat the first week when offered ft hopper, second week same thing. went and got a live hopper and tried to feed it a day later. It killed it but didn’t eat it. Couple of days go by and I pulled it out and looked it over. I noticed it had some crusty discharge around the vent and the abdomen about half way down was sunken in to the tail. I talked to a friend and came up with a plan. I soaked her and cleaned the vent. Tissue around the vent was a little dry but still looked healthy so I just kept and eye on it. Soak, clean, little diluted iodine on a q-tip to clean the vent area and then back in the tub she went. I started assist feeding her around this time with ft pinkies. every 4-5 days. Once it was set she’d swallow it down no problems. I didn’t see any motor issues, I’d put her back and zip off she’d go to her hide. I went to feed her on the 31st and was going to bump her mouse size up since I thought she was doing better her abdomen filled out and she was looking better. I found her dead in the front of the tub. I’m gonna send her off for testing this week to hopefully get some answers but would appreciate and help if anyone has seen this before or can point me in the right direction in trouble shooting this. Thanks.

Pictures are in order of first day home, about 2.5 weeks when I noticed her abdomen had changed, and then what her poop looked like after I found her dead ( I know the substrate is too wet, I spilled her water while getting her tub out and dealing with her after I found her).


Not sure entirely what was wrong with her, and without a necropsy with a histopath it would be hard to tell. Doesn’t seem like she would have been able to pass food with the way her abdomen looks, as there was clearly some sort of intestinal issue. Did the person you got her from feed her themselves and get her to pass food?

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How many meals did she successfully take with assistance, and did she ever poo?

I’m hoping the vet report will shed some light on it. It was ordered through a local shop that I work with so i haven’t heard from the breeder. I was wondering if it just got shipped out too soon. All I ever saw was the speckling on urate on the top of the bedding. An intestinal issue would make sense.

She took two meal before passing. one pinkie the first feeding and then two in the second. No regurgitation or trying to get it out. I’d set her down and she just slurped them down no problem. She did a smattering of urate on top of the bedding in the last picture. She past some larger clumps when she was getting soaked nothing bigger then a small bean size and it looked mostly like urate.

I figured the smattering was poop from whatever yolk was still retained and was looking for something other then urates. I was hoping she would pass something more solid after her 3rd meal. She had filled out and was active so I was sure it was coming. Then I found her dead which was a real shock to me.