Trying to determine Morph

Does anyone know what the Morph might be?


Jungle Snow


Thank you! Wasn’t sure if it was Jungle or Rainwater?

Jungle is a descriptor of pattern. Rainwater is one of the three forms of albinism in leos (the leo pictured is not any kind of albino). Mack Snow is one of the morphs called ‘Snow’ in leos. I agree with @westridge - the gecko pictured has a Jungle pattern that is highly suggestive of a single-copy Mack Snow, and is not an albino. Based on the partial view of one eye, there are no obvious ocular mutations.

It’s not generally possible to definitively ID a leopard gecko without knowing the genetics of both sire and dam. All you can do is describe phenotype, which isn’t the standard you need to uphold for a breeding animal, but can be fun speculation for a pet-only gecko.


Thank you so much for all your information! I am still in a learning phase of morphs and types of leopard geckos. This one is definitely a pet only :slight_smile: she is basically a rescue. I got her at a pet shop, honestly didn’t think she was going to make it she weighed 2 g when we brought her home… And now she is up to 20g! All it takes is a little love :wink: