Trying to figure out a plan

So, I’ve been looking into breeding cresties for a while now, but I want to get some input. I definitely want to be working with Lillies, since I think they’re just gorgeous, but I’m wondering what I should pair a Lilly to to get the best offspring. I’ve thought about a cappuccino so I could try for Frappuccinos, but I’ve also considered reds and tris. Which geckos typically produce the best offspring with a lilly?


It depends entirely on what you’re into. Some people like phantoms, some people like tris, reds, oranges, frapps, axanthics and so on. So pick a project, and choose your geckos based on what genes are needed to achieve it. I will say though, LWs are super overproduced, so make sure that whichever geckos you choose have nice structure. Even if the overall morph isn’t the most sensational a good structure can save it.


What do u class as the best offspring?


I guess I don’t really have an answer for that lol. What are people looking for?
I know good structure is a big thing, and that Frappucinos are still pretty highly desired. I also like the look of them too.


Imo. It shouldn’t be what people want. Breed for what YOU want.

If you do what others want we’d all be doing the same.


Agreed, and this is also a VERY easy way to get burnt out of the hobby/breeding. If you aren’t doing it because you love what’s hatching and look forward ti what comes out of those eggs, it’s easy to lose sight of what got you into it.


I actually am not a big fan of caps and fraps ATM as they lack head structure.

I feel that this is something breeders should look to improve

When I first started collecting geckos, I did not like Dalmatians as they had small head structure (or at least I couldn’t find any with big head structure) but now they are improving.

Def go for something you like as you may be stuck with the offspring!

Just because they are worth something now, doesn’t mean they will be when you come to selling them


I agree with @foxreptile , I would go with what you like.

Ive heard alot of people dont like dalmatians, I love them and have 19 of them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: