Trying to figure out if there's another morph in her

Hello all, this little girl was the first hognose of mine I got at a show about a month or so ago, she was labeled as a conda morph but the more I look at her I’m starting to wonder if their is some thing else in her. There’s a chance I’m wrong as this is the first hognose I own but It looks like a greenish hue with grey outlining her brown spots in some areas. I will be breeding her out when she comes of age and I find a male that could possibly match well with her.
Thanks for the input in advance!


More pictures might help. but it just looks like an anaconda to me. There are different color phases for normal Western Hognose snakes, so it’s common for some to have a more greenish tone and others to be more of a reddish brown. I don’t see enough gray in this one to call it an axanthic or even an arctic.


Doesn’t look like anything else but a conda, as @7snakes said hognoses have different normal colorations or “phases”

Pictures don’t do much justice, but here’s my green phase normal female and one of her daughters, a het albino.


She looks like a really nice, classic example of the anaconda gene :slight_smile:

Like others have said, there’s so much variability in hognose colours and pattern. Here’s a normal female I delivered to a customer the other day