Trying to figure out morphs please help

I recently got 3 new baby geckos and I’ve had 2 since the end of last year, I would like to know the morphs of all 5, I believe that one is just normal, but the other 4 don’t seem to be normal, I’m assume they’re all some sort if albino morph?


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I’m not the best with the morphs of leopard geckos… but I’m going to give this a shot.

The first one certainly seems like some sort of albino…and the last one maybe like some sort of Murphy patternless or blizzard? I’m not sure😂 @armiyana can most likely help you!

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The last one looks more like a Blizzard from the photo but better photos would definitely help.
As far as the others, my guesses would be:

  1. albino
  2. normal
  3. high yellow
  4. hypo tangerine

There are 3 different strains of albino. You can’t tell them apart by eye. But Tremper does tend to be the most common in regular pet stores.


Thank you so much I appreciate it alot, and I do apologize for the bad photo, here’s a better one and a picture of the eye from the albino one

Yeah I don’t see any of the little blotches that a young Murphy Patternless would have. You have a Blizzard morph. =)

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Thank you for ur help!