Trying to find out some prices

We have sold our house and are moving out in a month. We will be living in an RV for an extended period of time so I am considering selling my Balls but I have no idea how much they are truly worth.

Can you give me some ideas of the possible values
Female Albino Black Pastel 100% Het Pied ~ 1500 g
Female Citrus Black Pastel Het Albino Het Pied ~ 1400
Male Fire Clown ~1000g
Male Black Pastel Hel Albino Het Pied ~ 1000 g

Any feedback would be great

I don’t know off the top of my head, but a good starting point would be to check and see what similar snakes are going for on MorphMarket . I always check prices before I list anything.

If you can’t find the exact same morphs currently for sale you can also try searching for “sold” or “all” and then filter by the newest posted to see what the same snake sold for most recently.


As Hector notes, your best bet is to go on the Market and searching each combo. I would also advocate going into the options tab and selecting ‘All’ rather than just ‘For Sale’, that way you can see what similar ones actually sold for rather than what current ones are listed for (which may still be sitting on the Market because their prices are off target)


How I price my snakes is I look on MorphMarket for the exact same snake and see what others have their snakes priced at. Then I usually put it in the middle. I’ve always told myself I don’t want to be the lowest or the highest. I always think the middle is good because then if someone wants to negotiate you can.