Trying to locate tubs

Me too! Sorry I couldn’t find something bigger for you though! I actually did measure all the larger footprint tubs just in case they would have worked for you too (no point in both of us looking like maniacs running around Walmart, Home Depot and Menards with a tape measure)
But…I DID find some bus tubs on Amazon that have a height of 4.1” and some that were a little too tall also. Generally those are thicker plastic so even if some were too tall they could possibly be cut down without becoming too flimsy. I’m old and don’t know how the internets work but if there’s a DM feature here, I could send you the link (I went through about 15 pages looking at all the dimensions tub by tub) to save you some time, if you’re interested.


Yes! I would really appreciate that! That was really nice of you to check for larger tubs for me and definitely would save me a lot of time! I’ll DM you now so that you can reply to it.

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