Trying to make Albino Transformer mexican milks

For a few years now I have been breeding a male Transformer to a Het Albino female. Last year I finally hatched 3 females, but 1 refused to eat and starved to death. Heres one of the other 2 now.

This year I did the breeding again. The het albino laid 5 eggs and was eggbound with 2 more, died like a month ago. :frowning: I hatched her in 2013 from Albino x Pinstripe

Here is the dad, 2014 Hebbronville TX locale Transformer

And the father of the het albino female - 2009 Freer TX locale Albino, from the original albino stock. He actually died like a week ago as well, one of my first investment animals. He’ll be missed, but his legacy is certainly cemented in my collection, with like 80% of my Mexican Milks being his kids or grandkids. Lol. RiP little buddy. You had a really great 13 years.

And the clutch hatching.

Ended up with 2 males 3 females.
Awesome stuff. Now my group of Het Transformer Possible het Albino is 7.5.

I think the albino transformer is going to look insane.


Awesome! This is my favorite milk project right now.