Tub air holes

Newbie here. I don’t have a snake yet. For a tub setup I’m wondering how many holes do I start with to ensure my snake is getting enough air? What I have is a 33 quart sterilite gasket tub. I put ten holes in it but that didn’t look like nearly enough. I now have 26 holes just under a quarter inch in size.


I would personally trial and error it with your bedding of choice before even purchasing the snake, because how many air holes you add will depend somewhat on the ambient humidity of where you live. I live in a naturally humid enviroment and can even use glass tanks with screen lids with no issues, while inviduals in dryer climates have more issues maintaining high humidity. I’m leaning towards you needing more, but test it out. You can always add more, but can’t really undrill holes

Add your substrate and use a good hygrometer to see what the humidity stabilizes at with your current amount of air holes, then modify as needed. You’ll want to do a trial run to make sure humidity and temperatures are stabilized in the correct range before adding the snake anyway


Yes I totally agree with @chesterhf about it all depends on your location and house temp/humidity. I just wanted to say, just in case you did need to cover holes scotch or masking tape works. Also because drills leave the holes rough, u should sand the inside down so the snake can’t rub on them. Or use a pencil style sodering iron and melt the holes leaving it perfectly smooth on the inside. Just do it in a well ventilated area.


I have to agree with @chesterhf & @banereptiles.
I used 1/4in holes and saved the 1in apart. I did this on both side, 1 line, but only 1/2 way across. Also on one end (same side as the side holes) in the middle area around the handle section.
I also but some on the lid (again on the same side), 1 row with same measurements as above. (make sure all holes are smoothed over)
I used a heat pad with built in thermostat. (just an adjustable knob). Room lighting is all you need.
This worked for me in my area. As stated by others, you can always cover or add more holes as needed.
Definitely set it up as if a snake was in it and monitor it. Before putting one in it.