Tub dividers

Does anyone here use tub dividers? If so what brand and what tubs do you use them with?

I use the ones that came with my CSerp rack :slight_smile: other than that the one other time I used one I made it from one of those 1/8” Elmer poster boards in the school supplies section of Walmart. It worked fine but probably not the best because I’d have to replace it every so often because it would get soiled. And there’s really no cleaning it after the first couple times

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I use corogated plastic. Go grab some political signs out of your neighbors yard. Lol. That stuff. I’m not sure where to point you to get new/blank pieces.


haha I think you gave me the perfect source thank you!


well if thats what works than i will have a surplus of it then lol

Im building my own rack system which is why I was asking. If you had to build a rack around a tub that can hold adults would that be a ve-70? Figured Id make them all adult size tubs then use dividers so I can adjust size as needed

well i dont really stay up to date on the different size tubs because there are always new versions replacing other ones but yes the 70 series tubs are for adults. i personally use the fb70s for adults

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Home depot hs it

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