Tub setup temperature question

Hello, ive been using nothing but glass enclosures. Im going to be making the shift to tubs soon but i have a couple questions first. How do you get the ambient temperatures up to where they need to be. i have been experimenting with a long tub that i have now and the temps are all low 80 high 70s but i cant just put a lamp on top of the lid… i have a UTH on the hot side underneath the hide and those temps are doing just fine but the rest of the tub…
i have snakes already at home and more coming, im lucky enough to have enough glass enclosures that its ok for now but again, i am wanting to make the switch

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Biggest thing you’ll need to/want to do for tub set up is to bump up the ambient temp in the room. This is the way I’ve found to be the easiest, if you are using a rack system. Something like an oil filled heater works well. It’s how I have my reptile room set up

Usually in a rack type system, we keep the heat tape(prefer belly) under 1 side like you said, then keep the ambient temps. up to the low end of your species. Sounds like a lot of extra work, but depending on the size/location of your reptile room in your house a lot of times just some racks will warm it up enough. If it’s a large space or really open you may have to add a heater, or turn up the house heat. Remember to let the rack heat up to your desired temperature and check again for the next couple days, get it dialed in before adding snakes. Good luck!