Tubs for Corn Snakes

Is it okay to keep corn snakes in a dark tub? We have an ARS rack that has all dark tubs and a home made one I built with dark tubs and I’m wondering if I should get clear for the corn snakes or if they’ll be alright. I have the same question for BCI boas. I have the Dumeril’s in dark tubs and they seem to do fine but do BCIs need the clear? At some point the rack I’ll have for the boas will have a window in each tub but for now the 30x40 tubs I have are grey. Thank You

I personally am a proponent of clear tubs for all species. Even for nocturnal animals, having a photoperiod is natural and, I suspect, important. I personally use manipulation of photo period to induce breeding as well.


I agree, I have clear tubs for my animals now and I’ll always at least have a window, even if it isn’t entirely clear.

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I advise the same as @westridge and @erie-herps . They are both healthy sources of information.