Tubs/tub models/ tub sizes/heat tape

Hey everyone hope everyone’s doing well! I am going to build a rack system soon but am not ready to buy a professional system. I am curious about tub sizes and standard models that most of you guys may use. I am looking to do maybe 6 or 7 layers and the plan is to have four to five of those layers for single tubs that will be used for adults and then two of the layers will hold two or three tubs for hatchlings. Are there adult size tubs that will have twice or more of the width of hatchling tubs so I can fit two small tubs in one row or one large? If so what are the two models that you guys use together? It may be that I go and see what tub combos I can find at a local store. Also, I will use heat tape for heating. Where do you guys buy your’s from? And what all do you need to buy for a heat tape system I am new to it! thanks

You can get the tubs your looking for and the heat tape at reptilebasics.com. I’d also recommend a professional rack from them as well as a thermostat to control the heat tape. A large percentage of my racks are from them. As are all my thermostats and heat tape.


I ordered heat tape from flexwatt directly and rigged it myself. If you have juveniles now and they’ll just be getting to breeding size I’d recommend something in the neighborhood of the 28-32 quart range that you can get from various manufacturers. You should be able to breed in those until they get to be those “big Bertha” girls 2000+ grams. That’s where I’m heading as well

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Would never buy flexwatt again. Had far too many issues with it. Lost a far amount of animals due to heat tape failure.

Please do tell! Their reviews were excellent I thought I did my research! What’s the problem with it?

Flexwatt at one point was the only heat tape available on the market it was not designed for use with reptile’s it was an in floor heating element. The issue with it was it’s not supposed to be used the way reptile keepers use it. Either frequently on and off or on all the time. It also does not heat evenly. I saw the test run by several people and did it myself. Took a 2’ section hooked it up and checked with a temp gun. Different sections were hotter then others. Not a degree or 2 but up to 7 degrees.
I had over the course of the many years I used the product no less then 19 failures that the heat tape burned a hole in the bottom of tubs, burned wooded racks, or worse. All of my flexwatt was always controlled by a thermostat which did not fail it was always the heat tape. There are newer products on the market designed for reptile use and also heat a lot more evenly.


What are the new products?

I use THG heat tape exclusively, but there are 2 or 3 others at this point. Never used them so I can’t recommend them. I’ve ordered racks and if they don’t use THG we either had no heat installed or ripped out the flexwatt and threw it in the trash.


Here is what I use

6 quarts up to 250 grams hatchlings or V18 for hatchlings up to 500 grams.

12 quarts for some animals up to 1000 grams, those that do not do well going from hatchling tubs to a 32 quarts tubs or males and especially during breeding season.

32 quarts for animals up to 2000 grams

41 quart for animals up over 2000 grams

I prefer vision tubs, they are sturdy without groves and easier to clean. (so V18, V35, and V70)

For heat I have 3 inches wide of heat tape running in the back of my racks (the tape is recessed so no rubbing and less damage over time) all plugged in Herpstat thermostat.