Turtle genetics

Hello all! Ive been trying to understand turtle genetics and it just doesnt seem to be much out there on the web. Thanks to Christ (im not the brightest cookie) i finally understand the punnet square and about breeding albinos and hets. However, I don’t understand the alleles and dominant stuff. Like do the males have dominant genes, and should I pursue having a male albino since his genes will take dominance? I hope this makes sense, thanks all!

Romans 10:9, Kenny


Welcome to the family Kenny! This is a wonderful place full of truly wonderful people! The knowledge and experience these people have are boundless!

Unfortunately I cannot help you with the questions in your post but there will be people who will chime in and try to help you. I just try to at least acknowledge and welcome anyone who is new. And btw, Amen to the verse!!! :pray::heart: