Twinning little ones just hatched 🦎

Hello little twins! A clutch hatched tonight, obviously we all know who the parents are! They must know how much I love Phantoms and gave me twins 🥲
Tangerine Phantom Dalmatians, with blushing and reverse pinning too. Little bit in love…

You always get a good and a bad twin right…



They look like little posers enjoying their pics being taken :camera::grin:


Super cute!


The one with little spots on its face kept staring directly into it haha.

Can’t wait to watch them grow up being the same! Luckily since ones got a freckle face it’s easy to tell the difference, and it’s not so evil now either :sweat_smile:

Oh my, I like the look of these!

Thankyou, They change so much!
Was very happy with more Phantoms :relaxed:

That last picture with the other in the background. :heart_eyes:

They’re so light!

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Just sat chilling and waiting for it’s photo to be taken :sweat_smile:
That’s the one who kept looking in the camera in the background! The freckle face. Poser :woman_facepalming:t2: