Twins? Has anyone Had BP twins?

I thought that this baby ball had not absorbed his egg and was worried until he came out just fine and I could see what looked like another sac, egg, embryo, whatever it is. It had veins all through it but was collapsed and looks like development stopped.

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That is unabsorbed yolk, not a twin


Oh wow, thank you! Looks like another egg inside the egg


And the baby ball in the background is the one that came out of that egg, and has absorbed the rest of the egg, but I appreciate you opinion

exactly what travis said that is just what is left of unabsorbed yolk sac.
Twins do happen more often than people would think.


I had 4 sets of twins out of 13 clutches in 2020 but all the twins were from the descendants of a twin heavy line so that is way more frequent than normal.

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Wow that’s pretty interesting, and four sets of twins out of 13 clutches that’s a lot.

And not all thirteen were from that line. I might have had twins in well over 50% of the clutches from that line in 2020. Very unusual year as before I usually only had one set a year or every other year. Unfortunately I sold most of the moms of the 2020 twins and haven’t had any twins in the 10 or so clutches since. I have two eggs in the incubator from a mom that is a niece of my original 2000 twins. And maybe one of the 2020 twins I kept or their sister will go this year. I also have a double het pied albino and her 2020 albino pied daughter and a few other animals that MIGHT have the gene. Going to start tracking it. Really only keeping the GHI twins for fear I might no longer have the gene anywhere else.