Twinspot trait

At what point do you consider a western hognose to be a twinspot. I have seen some that have twined spots going all the way from head to tail. It’s a polygenic trait but I haven’t seen much discussion on it.

I hatched something I have been calling a twinspot but it is more like the beginning of a line breeding project to produce a true twinspot.


Partial twin-spots and tiger-banding can pop up from parents without those traits for sure. I’ve never focused on further than that but a few people seem to. The variability in both color and pattern within a clutch of hets/normals is one of my favorite things about breeding Western Hognose.


I wish they would pop up in my collection. I love the tiger banded look. I’d like to get it into an extreme red line someday.

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Last year I produced some triple het Axanthic Caramel EvansHypo and one of the holdback females for the project came out with some really nice partial banding. Will be interesting to see what she produces eventually.


Nice. Keep us in the loop, I’d love to see what her babies look like.

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I recently breed my normal femal to a normal male and to my surprise 4 out of 11 hatchlings had some form of twin spotting. One of them however is almost perfect twinspot (only 2 spots connecting)