Two Apps? Native App is Replacing the PWA App

I use the mobile app most of the time to access the MorphMarket and the community. The other day I noticed that there is a link to the Google play store to download an app. Is there a difference in the two?


Yes! We haven’t announced it yet, but we will be discontinuing the old PWA app. You can uninstall it, and install the one from the Play store. Among other things it has push notifications for messages.

Mentioned here though:


Awesome. Just installed the new one. Will there be a separate app for the community? I noticed this app sent me to the website for it.


No, the community site is run off Discourse’s software. So we just get what they provide, which I assume is a PWA that continues to improve.


There is a Discourse app in the play store that you can load the MRC into, but unless you use multiple Discourse communities it is not worth the extra button presses to access.

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