Two dads one clutch

I might’ve read something wrong during my endless ball python education.

If I pair a female with two different males is it possible to get babies from mom/dad A and mom /dad B in the same clutch?


Female Ghost Butter was bred to a caramel ghost male and a Banana Yellowbelly male

4 eggs= 2 ghost butters (CaramelGlow dad)
1 Butter
1 Butter Yellowbelly


It is always best if your going to use multiple males to use different males that will lead you with a CLEAR explanation. In others words if you have a normal female and you want to breed two males use a pastel and then a champagne do that no matter what it would be clear as to who fathered each egg.

If you do something like ghost female to a ghost pied and a ghost clown well all your babies are ghosts but you don’t know if they are het pied or het clown!

Hope this helps a little


Yes this helped a lot, thanks very much.

I think I’m going to add an experimental pairing just to see what I get I just have to figure out what males I wanna put to a normal female.

Thanks again!

There are also a couple of companies now that offer dna testing for paternity. I’d have to look to find them again but you can probably find them just as easily.

Lol how much is that?

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Let me know how that goes, sounds expensive.

I havent needed the service myself but I have seen others use it. Don’t have any idea of the cost.

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I know of one here in the UK but I’m not sure I’d be allowed to post a link to them on here.

This Google link will help you find one though

Dual sired clutches happen, not often but they do, when you pair two males to one female you need to be smart about your pairings that’s what it comes down to, especially when dealing with recessive.

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wouldnt the genome have to be mapped for reptile DNA testing to be effective? I didnt think that had been done for ball pythons?------disregard I see he stated paternity testing. Too bad we cant get an independently wealthy herper out there that would pay to have the genome mapping done so we could do full DNA testing lol

We could do with our own Elon “common” Musk :joy:

That was a poor turtle joke… I’ll see myself out

Smh @eaglereptiles You should feel bad.

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Jk if I had thought of it first I would have gone for it too :joy::joy:

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It was either that or Bill Gators :joy: