Two sets of TWINS!

Ok I’ll keep this short but this is our first year breeding and only our second clutch. From the same clutch we hatched two sets of twins!!! They appear to be identical but it’s hard to tell since they are still in the egg. I will try and keep this thread updated for those interested. They might not be powerhouse animals but wow this was a surprise!!


Holy cow @tford2007 I would say everyone would be interested in this incredible event! I can see the little noses sticking out in one of the eggs in the top picture! How adorable!

Definitely post updates on all the babies and their progress! I am sending you best wishes for you and the babies’ future! :heart::pray::+1:


Congratulations on a great second clutch @tford2007 :clap:
I’ve always been interested in how often twins occur. Two sets from one clutch is incredible.
I’ll definitely set to follow this thread and look forward to seeing them post shed.
What was the pairing?


Congratulations first and foremost on a interesting clutch! So I have always suspected, and this is supported by some other breeders that twins especially multiple sets in a single clutch is hereditary. Do you happen to know if either or both the parents are a twin?


Wow! Kind of like humans! :thinking:


Very cool can’t wait to see there patterns and the sex of each twin. Also congratulations on the babies.


I’m definitely following this one. Super cool!


I tried my best but couldn’t get a great picture. Cut the eggs open and it appears there is one set of identical twins (lesser) and one set of fraternal twins (enchi and normal). Sex will obviously determine if the lessers are identical so that will be in a future update! I still can’t believe it!


I have no idea honestly. The sire is a banana pastel that I got from petsmart and the dam is a lesser enchi I got from Craigslist. I’d be curious to know how many other times this has happened. It seems like it’s probably a very rare occurrence.


My goodness, how thrilling!! I hand never heard of multiple sets of multiples in one clutch. Wow!! I work with corns rather than BPs. I have had a few sets of twins. It’s always an extra jolt of excitement.

You are correct that your set of lessers can’t be identical if they’re different sexes. But they might still be fraternal even if they’re the same sex. I don’t know if anyone knows the odds in snakes, but in humans the odds of having fraternal twins are about 5x higher than the odds of having identicals. About 50% off those fraternals are same sex twins. You will be able to rule out identicals if they’re different sexes, but not fraternal. If they look very different from one another (and aren’t mirror images, which is a kind of identical twinning) you can presume fraternal. There’s no human-level DNA
analysis for snakes, but if they’re the same sex and you want to pursue the fraternal/ identical question, you could always send sheds to RGI. There are a lot of BP tests available, and you might discover genetic differences in the lesser pair. Edit to add: or you might discover that they have no differences.

Huge congratulations again! I hope everybody thrives for you! :confetti_ball:


That’s just totally nuts!!!:grinning:!!!


On second thought actually that’s “TWINING TWINING”! :joy::rofl::joy::thinking: