Types of Enrichement for Hognoses

Hello! I’m currently working on a presentation based on Western Hognoses (H. nasicus) for my Companion Animal Science course for my university. One of the topics that I need to cover in it is potential enrichment activities for Western Hognoses in captivity.

I have a ball python, but I know enrichment for her won’t be the same across the board for other snakes. If anyone who does own a hognose and would be willing to share thier enrichment ideas, I would be extremely greatful! Thank you for your time if you decide to help me out!


My hoggie is going on 3 years old and it took me 2 and a half years to get him to eat consistently. But thanks to @noodlehaus I now have a hoggie who almost jumps on his f/t fuzzies. My hoggie, bless his little heart, could not care any less about enrichment. He is happy burrowed in his bedding with 2 small hides, cork bark, and lots of fake plant leaves piled on top. And he is in a sterilite tub with 3 sides of black construction paper taped on them. With a small hand towel on the top of his tub! Lol!

So I suppose his enrichment is a cozy tub full of “stuff” that makes him feel safe enough to eat. Lol!


My hognose absolutely loves food, but I haven’t tried any food-related enrichment. But, for enrichment, just changing up the enclosure, changing decorations and moving things around always works for snakes.