Uhg what uth heat pads to use?

I’ve got a custom front door open, heat resistant, and raised floor 36x16x19 glass terrarium being made and I’m going cross-eyed trying to figure out size, quantity, thermostat, and brand! My basement apartment can get chilly in the deep of winter so I want to make sure it’s the right amount of toasty/cool for my little guys health and comfort!

I just want to be sure what exactly you are looking before I recommend something. Are you asking what size uth would be appropriate for the dimensions of your tank or just a brand in general?

Looking for advice on both actually. I’ve seen some reviews that claim certain brands work more reliably than others.

Well from the dimensions given that means your terrerium would be about 48 gallons. We will just say it is a 50 gallon since a large zoo med heat pad is adequate for a 50 gallon. In terms of which I think are best and ones that I have personally used without any issues would be Zoo Med and as for the size heat pad I would say go with the large heat pad. I would however still do your homework and go with whatever you are most comfortable with but Zoo Med has personally never given me any issues and I’ve been using Zoo Med heat pads for over 10 years now. And the thermostat brand I have running for all my racks are the ipower digital thermostats and they have worked great as well with no issues.


Nice to hear Zoo med is still a reliable brand! Ages ago my last python had that brand pad and it did well considering I had no thermostat and a stick on thermometer!