UK Hobbyists - link up, share local information, UK shows, clubs and local resources

That’s the point of this discussion, lets help each other with UK information, others will know.

That’s commitment. But we should have more local shows considering we are such a small country geographically…


Hi, we live in Essex and hope to attend Doncaster this year, although it’s a fair drive. We’d like to try others so would appreciate any info of dates etc!
Heard about the southwest constructors show last year but was unable to attend, it’s still a long drive.

Doncaster is supposedly £2.50 IHS members & £5.50 non members, however this has been free entry in the past so depends on the day I guess. Not sure on table pricing. I hate that’s it’s cash only. I haven’t been for a few years so will be great to see what they are like now.

We breed ball pythons, or royal pythons as we call them in UK & this year will be our first time breeding Cresties :crossed_fingers: we’ve been reptile enthusiasts for many years now.

Great idea for this page, I think it will be really helpful


Just watched the video about 24 hours shipping. I’m a little sceptical.

I think it’s a risk without temperature control for that long.

Plus animals can carry lots of diseases and I’d worry about air born diseases etc

Think I’d rather wait for my reptiles as I’d worry too much. Good to know though


Hello fellow uk people! I’m also uk, nice to see a few of us here, I’m not a Royal breeder yet, my girls need to grow! Though am looking for an adult female for my boy to pair them sooner, as he’s 2 and around 1300/1400 now.
I also would like to go the maternal incubation route :relaxed: Or atleast give it a try with the girls when they do breed, as long as they’re big enough and happy/healthy :heart:
I do Currently Breed Cresties though which is Amazing fun🦎
Also cannot wait for little noddles :heart_eyes:


We in Batley in West Yorkshire near Leeds and we will help anyone anyway we can.
You can contact me on here or msg me on my mob or preferably on WhatsApp
Please don’t ring unless an emergency.
That’s not being rude but we that busy a call means I have to break off whatever I’m doing but a msg I can & will always reply as soon as get chance :+1:


I’m going to drop this here in case anyone else wants to add them self to it or find other forum members:
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This is awesome, I just added my name on there :relaxed:


It was @eaglereptiles idea. There hasn’t been a lot of activity on it recently but this thread made me think of it.


Thanks for the dates @przemek

No guarantee of temperature controlee on van or while stored for a week or much more as many of our UK reptile corries deliver monthly
I believe unheated vans and heat packs is the standard way in The USA from the comments and YT that I have seen, tell me if i am wrong.
Besides, 24 hours of not optimal temps are not an issue. if a bit cool, warm up slowly.
They are cold blooded, they can handle a little cooler temps over a short time. To much hotter is more of an issue I believe. Besides, you have no guarantee of temperatures and fluids when the courier has to keep them for a week and more. I have a snake kept in their holdings with many others for over
a month when there have been errors with dilivery.
Just an opinion of mine, but of others too.

Many of our corries deliver monthly and house them together in the mean time. Isn’t the longer they are kept together a grater risk of cross inaction? Also mites can hatch over longer periods and so also pass on infection.

I am not saying I am right, just saying lets consider these points. Then counter and discuss and learn.

But @foxreptile didn’t you have a very local courier to you that covered all those issues?
I think I remember it from another discussion.

Thanks that’s NOT so far from me compared to others :slight_smile:


I’ve had a couple of Geckos held for approx 1 week and I wasn’t happy when they arrived as they were the hardest to settle in & lost some weight in that time.

However, some couriers have a policy where they deliver the reptiles within 48 hours of collection (UK only) this is something I now look for in a courier service. So yes you might have to wait a few weeks, but isn’t 1 extra day with temperature control better?

I’ve seen/heard of reptile unboxing and the Reptile being unhealthy or even dead. There have even been comments on here revolving around concerns etc.

Having more then just one species in a small confined space is likely to increase the odds of diseases spread.

While I’m not totally against this idea, it just has big concerns for me.

My biggest concern are the protestors, if they catch wind of this, they might see it as us putting our wants over the reptiles needs. They are already looking to stop breeders in UK & just have Reptile shops with no delivery allowed!

You make some good points.
I still believe there are health pros and cons for each method , but I respect your opinion.
But protesters will take the selective bits they choose to harm us from either point.

Caveat, small animals like geckos and baby snakes are at more risk of cold temperatures or fluctuations due to their small size affecting the speed of temperature changes in their body faster.
(e.g it takes much less time to defrost or cook a sausage than a large piece of meat )
Maybe I should only consider my suggestion for adult ball pythons.

So who are they? sounds like a compromise I and maybe others would be interested in.

Im sure its ok to share resources here as long as we don’t advertise reptile breeders which would compromise morphmarket.

I don’t think courier can be mentioned either.

I know of a uk one that people should NOT use and cannot post here for people to see.

I know a few amazing uk ones too, sure we can pm them though :grin:


Ok Please PM thanks :slight_smile: Better to be safe.

My discussion other about with the video from balls2you (also linked here) with the courier in the details was accepted so I thought it was OK.

@t_h_wyman or @eaglereptiles or @ any staff
As I am asking to share local resources in the OP, so we all know how far to go, please confirm the rules on that or deny. Am I right its just breeders we cant recommend or is it more complex.

I have read the forum rules but want to be clear on them, and also other posters may want clarification.

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So there is a line.

“There is a courier called ABC Shipping that operates in the UK” - this is fine :slightly_smiling_face:

“There is a courier called ABC Shipping and they are the best/worst in the uk. You should only/never use these” - this is not ok.

Its sticky. You can mention breeders/products/services, just not advertise/bad mouth them.


Yeah, share away :blush:. But just don’t create posts with the sole purpose of promoting a resource above another.



K and also for the other bits, that’s really helped clarify. thanks.

So @ghoulishcresties (with your cool cool name) sounds like you can post the name of the delivery service you prefer here to inform me and others of alternative options to our discussion, but without positive prejudice to them or negative to others.

Where as discussing the pros and cons of different styles of delivery systems is OK, (without promoting or dissing a particular company.) that’s ok. Ballance is the key.


So the one I use is Animal courier (Steve), used for many years now, most of my animals are brought here or sent by him.
And also in the uk is Reptasia and Ridgeway Exotics, will be using Reptasia possibly next week as the do weekly runs I’ve just found out.
Always great to know a few :grin:


So I use Ridgeway courier & animal courier. Neither have surpassed 48 hours courier time (actually I don’t believe they surpassed 24 hours) but I would suggest you research The courier services for yourself.

I have used reptasia also but it was a while back and I can’t remember how long courier time was.

My only concern with any courier is contact, I don’t use Facebook (or anything similar) but a lot of them seem to use Facebook etc for contact and don’t provide alternative methods. Therefore I can’t use them.

I agree that adult reptiles might survive better in post then juveniles however, I think I will hold off with it for now and let others test it out for a while.

Animal couriers longest time with an animal for me was 5? Days. Covid period and lots of delays. Arrived perfect though!

Reptasia you can use email as they sent me a form through there.

And ridgeway now have an app.

Will say also I’ve used couriers for young Cresties many times and never once had an issue :relaxed:


Can you pm me reptasias email please? I can’t find it on their fb page & they didn’t have this when I received my reptile through them (a few years ago now) but I’d definitely consider them again.

I have an email for Ridgeway which advertise 48 hours courier service.

I have phoned animal courier and specified I was looking for short courier time and agreed could be done within 48hours, it might depend On location and how busy they are!