UK Hobbyists - link up, share local information, UK shows, clubs and local resources


UK breeders and hobbyists- link up and share local information and local resources.

Caveat - I have the greatest respect many of my fellow enthusiast from across the pond (USA) and else where.
I have had much support form all members and still want it, But, local support and information is important too.

Many things are different to our locality in the UK, like animal regulations, the shows we can go to, how we import from other countries, how we transport animals and so on.

Lets list UK shows, UK resources, make ourselves known to each other and link up if we choose to.


We’re UK based breeders in Doncaster, always happy to chat snakes and genetics!

Can’t recommend the South West Constrictors show in Cheltenham enough! Was a really nice relaxed day without the pressure of the bigger shows.


Thanks for the recommendation and linking up.

I must admit i use to prefer the smaller shows myself. I will research if some very local ones still occur.

I am in Crawley (would would be ironic if i were into insects, isopods or arachnids ‘Creepy crawly’) Still snakes kind of crawl.
Anyway, that’s near Gatwick airport. South of England for those that are unfamiliar with the name.

Has anyone seen this? A different UK reptile transport and delivery service to the usual. Its more like the USA style with heated boxes. but 24 hours as we are a small country. Most of ours need heated vans, a heated storage facility, and can take weeks.
Balls2U helped me out with that one and made this video when I asked gavin.


Great idea about creating this bit.
I am not a breeder yet, but Ball python keeper . From Wales. :grinning:


@przemek I edited the title, enthusiasts and hobbyists are the same as breeders.
I Changed breeders to Hobbyists in the title and rightly so.
I have breed snakes before but never ball pythons.

Hi :slight_smile: My fellow UK animal lover.
I love Wales, been there many times. Beautiful area…


Looking forward to attend one of the Doncaster shows this year. Looking to meet few faces in person. :grinning:


Me too, even though its far for me. Any mote south England events?

Dates and cost for attending Doncaster and table costs too. anyone please ?


3rd April, 19th June, 18th Sept, 6th Nov.

Costs no idea as i never been yet.


Its quite far from me too around 5 hour trip


That’s the point of this discussion, lets help each other with UK information, others will know.

That’s commitment. But we should have more local shows considering we are such a small country geographically…


Hi, we live in Essex and hope to attend Doncaster this year, although it’s a fair drive. We’d like to try others so would appreciate any info of dates etc!
Heard about the southwest constructors show last year but was unable to attend, it’s still a long drive.

Doncaster is supposedly £2.50 IHS members & £5.50 non members, however this has been free entry in the past so depends on the day I guess. Not sure on table pricing. I hate that’s it’s cash only. I haven’t been for a few years so will be great to see what they are like now.

We breed ball pythons, or royal pythons as we call them in UK & this year will be our first time breeding Cresties :crossed_fingers: we’ve been reptile enthusiasts for many years now.

Great idea for this page, I think it will be really helpful


Just watched the video about 24 hours shipping. I’m a little sceptical.

I think it’s a risk without temperature control for that long.

Plus animals can carry lots of diseases and I’d worry about air born diseases etc

Think I’d rather wait for my reptiles as I’d worry too much. Good to know though


Hello fellow uk people! I’m also uk, nice to see a few of us here, I’m not a Royal breeder yet, my girls need to grow! Though am looking for an adult female for my boy to pair them sooner, as he’s 2 and around 1300/1400 now.
I also would like to go the maternal incubation route :relaxed: Or atleast give it a try with the girls when they do breed, as long as they’re big enough and happy/healthy :heart:
I do Currently Breed Cresties though which is Amazing fun🦎
Also cannot wait for little noddles :heart_eyes:


We in Batley in West Yorkshire near Leeds and we will help anyone anyway we can.
You can contact me on here or msg me on my mob or preferably on WhatsApp
Please don’t ring unless an emergency.
That’s not being rude but we that busy a call means I have to break off whatever I’m doing but a msg I can & will always reply as soon as get chance :+1:


I’m going to drop this here in case anyone else wants to add them self to it or find other forum members:
Finding Community Users Near You


This is awesome, I just added my name on there :relaxed:


It was @eaglereptiles idea. There hasn’t been a lot of activity on it recently but this thread made me think of it.


Thanks for the dates @przemek

No guarantee of temperature controlee on van or while stored for a week or much more as many of our UK reptile corries deliver monthly
I believe unheated vans and heat packs is the standard way in The USA from the comments and YT that I have seen, tell me if i am wrong.
Besides, 24 hours of not optimal temps are not an issue. if a bit cool, warm up slowly.
They are cold blooded, they can handle a little cooler temps over a short time. To much hotter is more of an issue I believe. Besides, you have no guarantee of temperatures and fluids when the courier has to keep them for a week and more. I have a snake kept in their holdings with many others for over
a month when there have been errors with dilivery.
Just an opinion of mine, but of others too.

Many of our corries deliver monthly and house them together in the mean time. Isn’t the longer they are kept together a grater risk of cross inaction? Also mites can hatch over longer periods and so also pass on infection.

I am not saying I am right, just saying lets consider these points. Then counter and discuss and learn.

But @foxreptile didn’t you have a very local courier to you that covered all those issues?
I think I remember it from another discussion.

Thanks that’s NOT so far from me compared to others :slight_smile:


I’ve had a couple of Geckos held for approx 1 week and I wasn’t happy when they arrived as they were the hardest to settle in & lost some weight in that time.

However, some couriers have a policy where they deliver the reptiles within 48 hours of collection (UK only) this is something I now look for in a courier service. So yes you might have to wait a few weeks, but isn’t 1 extra day with temperature control better?

I’ve seen/heard of reptile unboxing and the Reptile being unhealthy or even dead. There have even been comments on here revolving around concerns etc.

Having more then just one species in a small confined space is likely to increase the odds of diseases spread.

While I’m not totally against this idea, it just has big concerns for me.

My biggest concern are the protestors, if they catch wind of this, they might see it as us putting our wants over the reptiles needs. They are already looking to stop breeders in UK & just have Reptile shops with no delivery allowed!