UKCB Kukri Snakes

So after 78 days of incubation, this clutch is hatching! 3 out so far, another two have their heads out. Just thought I’d share some pics here too!

Second clutch laid in January.


What beautiful babies! Congratulations!


Those are some beautiful snakes!

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Those are so beautiful! Congratulations! Kukris are so underrated.

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These guys are so cool and like what @garciademueller said they are so underrated!

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These are awesome! Someday I’d like to try breeding kukris but I’m going to need some more experience first.

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CB22 Brown Kukri Snake (Oligodon purpurascens) hatchling eating - I wasn’t quick enough with the camera! Of the 10, 5 have had their first shed & first meal (4 strike feeders, 1 drop feeder), 2 have shed but haven’t eaten for me yet and 3 still haven’t shed.

EUCB Tioman Island Red (dam) x LTC Mainland Brown (sire). Via collaboration/breeding loan from Welsh Morphology Photography.


All 10 have now eaten at least one defrost half pinkie! This one was the most stubborn eater as it refuses to bite, but it finally ate after being left in this tiny deli cup in the dark for 3hrs with it’s food.

Some have even taken two meals already!


Congratulations, that is awesome to hear!

Congratulations on your beautiful clutch! I had never heard of a UKCB Kukri Snake before. Are they rare or is there a more common name for them? The colors are stunning on them!

There’s a couple of videos about Kukri Snakes on YouTube. That is their common name, their Latin name is Oligodon.

They’re like a Malaysian/Indonesian version of a hognose snake. Their head shape is a lot like a Madagascan hognose but they only get 3ft long. They’re rear fanged but not venomous.

The UKCB just means United Kingdom Captive Bred.


That is very cool! Thank you so much for sharing them with us :grin: