Ultramel Breeding

Wondering if anyone has seen issues breeding ultramels. I know Caramels have fertility and kinking issues and I thought this was the benefit of ultramel but based on a recent clutch experience I’m wondering if they have issues of their own. I also see that there are not many ultras produced year to year which I think could be a sign of problems also. Just wondering what experiences or observations others have had.

As far as I’m aware, Ultramel doesn’t have any genetic issues.
It’s one of the few recessives I’d like to work with in the future… just waiting for the right female to come along :grin:

The problem itself with ultramel is that it really came to the seen at the high of the caramel issues and I think many were at the time skeptical and already moved on to other stuff not to mention the price at the time was very high, so it is one of those morph that kind of fell off the map, for a good while (price dropped and interest dropped) than it got put back on the map with combos like Ultramel Black Pastel and Ultramel Pied, but with so many mutations to work with and some trending more than others such as Desert Ghost it really has not took off as good as it could have, there is a HUGE potential though as it is pretty much still untapped.

Again a matter of the right combo that will create interest look at Axanthics they ok not that much interest until the Storm Trooper came along and the Axanthic Pied and the Clown Pied.

Did the issues with caramels only affect the visuals or would hets have problems also?

It affected the Caramels, hets were fine and used for breeding but it did not solve the kinking issue, of course some people were lucky to produce kink free caramel, I know someone that still does but the overwhelming number of defect just like with Panda just drove people away, rightfully so.

Well hopefully my horrible experience was just an abberation because Ive been really excited to produce my own Ultramel Clowns and this was my first clutch to get me there. As it stands out of 8 eggs it looks like im only going to get two hatchlings. Very disappointing.

That happens with any breeding, egg dies, hatchlings don’t make it, all you can do is try again, I know it’s not making you feel better but been there done that, in the end it will happen and good and bad will even out.

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It does happen. Out of my very first clutch of 8 eggs only 1 baby has survived. He’ll be going to my sister as a pet though since he has a minor tail kink. My pairing was a banana yellowbelly x pastel het VPI… I was hoping for a pastel banana. One had hatched out but didn’t make it.

Hopefully the next clutches I have this year will come out better.

The problem with Caramel hets is that if you don’t know your snake is a het you might get a Caramel clutch full of pathetic kinked babies. That happened to Olympus Reptiles. About half the clutch was Caramel and I don’t think any survived.