Ultramel Genetic calculator, please help!

According to the Genetic Calculator, Parent 1: Ultramel (Het Amel, Het Ultra). Parent 2: no hets. Offspring = 100% Het Ultra OR Het Amel. Why no Ultramel (Het Ultra+Het Amel) offspring? It seems that an Ultramel bred to a normal would be 25% Ultramel, 50% Het Ultra or Het Amel, 25% no Hets. (BTW I realize that 25% vs 50% vs 25% is probablility per egg, not the outcome for an entire clutch). Basically, my question is this: Can an Ultramel bred to a normal not have any Ultramel offspring? If not, what is the genetic explanation? Thank you for your replies!


i believe the answer is the same as your last post in that the genes are allelic. Therefore only one gene can be passed to each offspring. The only way to get an ultramel would be if the other adult had the opposite gene.
I am not nearly as well versed in corns as I am ball pythons sadly. xD


Yep, once again it’s the allelic morphs, you’ve got it @armiyana!

If you had a corn that was merely Amel, it would have two copies of the Amel gene at that allele, Het Amel + Het Amel. With Ultramel, the genes on that locus are Het Amel + Het Ultra, meaning one or the other is passed on to the offspring, no possibility of both. The other gene present at that allele comes from the other parent, so with an Ultramel you’d get Het Amel or Het Ultra from parent one, and the dominant normal expression from parent two. At least that’s how I understand it, it could be more complex than that but those are the basics.


Here’s a video that might help you understand these a bit better: